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The Cryogenic Research Group (CRG)

The CRG was found in Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (JINR, Dubna) in 2008. Scientific activity of CRG in cryogenics and cryogenic technology is a result of collaboration some Russian leading research institutes and member states of JINR.

The CRG develops cryogenic instruments for low and ultra low temperature researches for various scientific laboratories:

  • cryostats for neutron researches in wide temperature range (2.5-300)K.
  • sorption helium-3 refrigerators for cooling up to 0.3K.
  • helium-3 in helium-4 dilution refrigerators to produce ultra low temperatures to 0.01K.
  • liquid helium cryostats for pre-cooling various refrigerators.
  • nitrogenfree helium cryostats for cooling of scanning tunneling microscopes (STM).
  • superconducting magnets.

At present the use of liquid helium is very expensive. For this reason we develop cryogenic technologies without using of liquid coolants - liquid nitrogen and helium - сryogen-free technologies. For getting produce low temperatures we apply closed loop cryorefrigerators by well-known world producers.

All our cryogenic instruments are unique and tailor-made. We coordinate requirement specifications on cryogenic equipment with the customer. Then we make design drawings. The producing of details and units we place in JINR Experimental Workshop or partners' plants. We supply our cryogenic equipment with well-known vacuum pumps and instruments. The cryogenic equipment is checked out and started up at our process plant.

In the left column the cryogenic equipment made by CRG is shown.

Production of cryostats for research and applied sciences.

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