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An Optical Cryostat with 3Не Sorption Refrigerator

Trofimov V.N., Chernikov A.N.


An optical cryostat with 3Не sorption refrigerator is proposed. The refrigerator is mounted on a copper plate with temperature 4.2K in vacuum volume of helium cryostat. It has both sorption steps: the first with working gas 4Не is intended for condensation of 3Не, the second with 3Не for cooling down to 0.3K. The cryostat is an independent device that does not contain the external gas communications aimed at reaching low temperatures, and working gases are stored in cans integrated with the cryostat. The refrigerator can be used together with the cryocoolers of Gifford-McMahon or pulse tube types with cooling power not less than 0.3W/4K, thus allowing operating without any liquid cryoagents.

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