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Helium Cryostat With Helium-3 Sorption Refrigerator for cooling to 0.3K

A two-stage refrigerator with sorption evacuation of 4He and 3He is proposed. The apparatus needs no external pumps or gas lines. The refrigerator is constructed in the form of an insert 80 mm in diameter immersed in a helium cryostat by sorption pumps 3Не pot being placed inside vacuum vessel of the cryostat. End temperature 0.33 K is kept during 30 h after condensation of 3He at a useful heat load of 10-6W. The recycling time is 0.5 h.


Не pot inside the cryostat and Sorption pumps of refrigerator

  • 3Не pot is placed inside the cryostat vacuum volume.
  • Sorption pumps of refrigerator is placed inside the helium pot.

  • optic cryostats

  • Optic cryostats for operate at 0.3K
  • The cryostat is on the right.

  • Production of cryostats for research and applied sciences.

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