cryogenic equipment

Superconducting magnets


  Small superconducting magnets for various laboratory applications have been constructed in our group last years. Wounded with NbTi multifilamentary wire with interlayer and intercoil impregnation they can produce magnetic field up to 8T at 4.2K in bores 20 through 50mm. To operate in a persistent mode our magnets may be equipped with a true zero-resistance superconducting switch controlled by an electrical heater.

5T magnet with superconducting swith

  • 5T magnet with superconducting swith for SQUID susceptometer.

  • superconducting magnet 8T

  • 8T magnet composed from two coaxial solenoids with 30 and 50mm bores.

  • Production of cryostats for research and applied sciences.

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