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Shaft cryostat for cooling high pressure chambers with diamond and sapphire anvils

Chernikov A.N., Buzdavin A.P., Zhuravlev V.V., Ryom Gwang Chol

In Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics a shaft cryostat for cooling chambers of high pressure with sapphire and diamond anvils has been developed. This cryostat is designed to install one on the diffractometer (DISK) of the IR-8 reactor at Institute for Reactor Materials and Technologies in Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute for studying structural and phase transformations of materials at high pressures depending on temperature by method of neutron diffraction. The cryostat based on the pulse tube cryocooler SRP-62B Sumitomo. The cryostat allows use high pressure chambers up to 110mm in length in horizontal orientation and 200mm in length in vertical orientation. An adjustable range of temperature is 6-300K.



shaft cryostat for cooling chambers of high pressure

  • At Cryogenic Laboratory Room in FLNP. Cryostat, compressor, vacuum pumps, temperature measurements system. (December, 2008)

  • shaft cryostat - temperature and vacuum

  • Temperature on high pressure chamber 6К,
  • vacuum higher then 10-7 torr.
  • Vacuum is supported by sorption pump placed on first step of cold head.

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