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An Optical Cryostat with helium-3 Sorption Refrigerator.

Trofimov V.N., Chernikov A.N.


An optical cryostat with 3Не sorption refrigerator is proposed. The refrigerator is mounted on a copper plate cooled by pulse tube cryorefrigerator SUMITOMO SRP-052A. It has both sorption steps: the first one with working gas 4Не is intended for condensation of 3Не, the second one with 3Не for cooling down to 0.3K. The cryostat is an independent device that does not contain the external gas communications aimed at reaching low temperatures, and working gases are stored in cans integrated with the cryostat at 50atm. Lowest temperature 0.3K is kept during 30 hours. Time of recondensation is about 0.5 hour.


optical cryostat with Helium 3 sorption refrigerator

  • 3Не and 4Не pots are placed on one level and connected together by coper bridge.
  • 4Не is condensing to 4Не pot then pumping to 2.2.K, at this time 3Не is condensing to own pot and colling to 2.2K. As soon as liquid 4Не is finished the sorption pump 3Не on. After 15 minutes temperature 0.3K is reached.

  • Неlium 3 and Helium 4 pots dilution

  • 3Не and 4Не pots is closed by thermal shield.

  • Production of cryostats for research and applied sciences.

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