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Cryostat with Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerator for Neutron Spectrometer.

Chernikov A.N., Zhuravlev V.V. Natkanec I.V.

In Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics a cryostat for time-of-flight spectrometer of direct geometry (beam2 IBR-2) was produced. The cryostat has axial-symmetric construction to set into a shaft of spectrometer. Own vacuum of cryostat is above then 10-7torr, while spectrometer vacuum is supported at 10-1torr. Pulse tube cryorefrigerator CRYOMECH PT405 was installed at the cryostat.

cryostat for neutron spectrometer

  • The cryostat allows place a sample 110 mm in long and 70 mm in diameter in cold zone.
  • Adjustible temperature regions are 2.3-100K, 8-200K, 20-300K

  • Production of cryostats for research and applied sciences.

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